Joint Chieftains suit West Lothian Highland Games


A West Lothian couple will be dressed for success at West Lothian Highland Games on Saturday 25 May.

Alan and Barbara Waddell from the Kilt Studio in Bathgate have been announced as co-Chieftains of the 47th West Lothian Highland games. It is only the second time that a couple have been given the top accolade in the games’ long history.

The Blackburn couple have been strong, long-standing supporters of the games, and first launched their specialist outfitting business from a stall on the field at the 2003 Games the weekend prior to opening their Studio in Bathgate. They have helped the majority of previous Chieftains in the past 15 years with their outfits, and are now looking forward to getting kitted out for their own special day in the top role.

Alan said:

“It was a huge surprise to be asked to be Chieftains, especially as only the second time in nearly 50 years that a couple have shared the role. We are huge supporters of the games and have been involved for years – advertising in the program, supplying tartan for various promo activities and sponsoring various initiatives from School Art Competittions to ‘Hamish the Haggis’ the Games Mascot.

“To us, West Lothian Highland Games is all about families, and that’s also important to us as a family business.  We help families with their outfits for their special occasions, and a kilt is likely to be the only clothing you own that carries your family name and is passed down the generations.”

Barbara added:

“Everyone who knows myself and Alan will be aware that we are very much a partnership, so we are delighted to take on the role of chieftains together. It’s a particular honour to follow on from last year’s Chieftain, May Ross, who has made an amazing contribution to West Lothian Highland Games over many years. We’re really looking forward to enjoying another excellent West Lothian Highland Games on Saturday 25 May and plan to enjoy our time as Chieftains.”


The 2019 West Lothian Highland Games promises to be another fantastic event, with pipe band performances, Highland dancing, heavy sports such as tossing the caber and the challenging Weslo Cairnpapple Hill race and much more in Bathgate’s Meadow Park, off Glasgow Road.

There will also be a variety of other activities and attractions on the day, including cookery demonstrations, plus various food and craft stalls.  Organisers are also planning a ‘Children’s Games’ event, alongside many other attractions for youngsters. 

Alex Linkston, chair of the West Lothian Highland Games Committee, said:

“We are delighted to announce Alan and Barbara Waddell as our Chieftains for 2019. They have made a significant contribution to West Lothian Highland Games over many years, so it’s great to recognise their support in this way. I hope that as many people as possible will come along on Saturday 25 May to show their support for Alan and Barbara and one of the highlights of the West Lothian summer calendar.”


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